Revive the body, detox your mind with The Body Shop!

My twelve days’ detox program ended on Friday!
It is quite hard to maintain such a foody rythm but it was a super rewarding and educative experience everyone should try (even for a shorter period!). Do not hesitate to ask me for advices!! 🙂

To go with my detox plan, I found the Fuji Green Tea body range by The Body Shop, a reviving detox ritual for our skin! Super glad to discover it even existed.



Inspired by the traditional Japanese Green Tea Ceremony, this body range is perfect to revive your mind, body and soul.
Its innovative, new and specific to the brand’s values we like!

The detox range is composed of different products such as body scrubs, body butters, their bath tea infusers (need to be tested!!), shower gels, body lotions, soaps etc. The smell is super fresh and perfect for upcoming sunny days.





Info & e-shop HERE

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